Personification 13: Love is Remus

1 sonnet = 14 lines. To give this project mathematical synergy, I’m writing four collections of 14 sonnets. 1 year = 52 weeks. 4  x 14 = 56. This is the mathematical truth behind my year-long Love’s Sonnets project. It will, in fact, last one year and four weeks.

Furthermore, because several types of sonnet are capped with a rhyming couplet, the final two sonnets of each of my collections will function, in some way, as a pair.

This week’s sonnet is the first of the capping couplet pair of my initial collection ‘Personification’. In order to concoct a pair, I needed a thematic connection. Fortunately, humankind has done the thinking for me – twins. But which twins should I personify as love? Romulus and Remus fit my penchant for Classical mythology, so I went with them.

This sonnet personifies love as the less famous brother; the one who didn’t found a city called Reme. The sonnet, while describing qualities and features of love, alludes to several aspects of Remus’ life: born one of a twin; floated down the Tiber by someone not cruel enough to drown him; suckled by a wolf; fought alongside his brother; jumped over his brother’s wall; was killed by that very same sibling.

Love is Remus
We’re born with Love, the half that makes us whole
Companion when it seems that we might drown.
Love is our bosom buddy; feeds our soul
Makes common folk feel royal. It’s the crown.
Love stands behind us when we need to fight,
It tears through troubles with its eagle beak;
Then on its wings lifts us up to a height
So we can see the sanctuary we seek.
Love is Remus, the part we sacrifice
When walls we’ve built to keep suitors at bay
Are unable to shield us from the slice
That severs to the heart and makes us prey.
	Love like Remus reflects what is inside;
	But if it shows weakness earns fratricide.

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