Personification 10: Love the Dealer

‘Love the Dealer’ draws comparison between the effects of love and of illegal drugs. Both dilate pupils, affect our senses and change our perception of things. So, in this personification sonnet, Love is a drug dealer.

I’ve included several examples of the narcotic effects of both love and drugs. Both affect our vision, adding, for example, a “glow” to objects of interest. Both cause us to see forms differently – encouraging us to find beauty where others don’t, or convincing us objects have proportions that are not scientifically verifiable; we might imagine immense love when it is minuscule, or vice versa.

The capping couplet of the sonnet presents two polar opposite conclusions; we should avoid the drug of love because it distorts reality, or we should use it because it makes life more wonderful. The relative positioning of these two propositions suggests the latter might be the recommended option.

Love the Dealer
Love deals in drugs that in eyes black holes grow
With might to bend the beams that hold up stars,
Switch once dull forms to charms that pulse and glow,
Tear holes in time that leave fast-healing scars.
Love’s drugs contort creatures to divine forms
Bring dust to life, set bacchanals on fire;
Upon the cautious tourists unleash storms,
Draw all a big band’s sounds from Cupid’s lyre.
That dealer in narcotics, senses twists:
Let’s you taste joy and smell Desire’s perfume
Compels your hands to stroke celestial mists
Makes you think you can hear bright passions bloom.
	We should decline this criminal’s potions
	But who would choose small fires over suns?

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