Love Letters 5: Disappearance

Like all activities in life, some sonnets are hard graft, some flow. Those two experiences are related. Sometimes early graft provides later ease; sometimes early ease engenders later graft. I spent a long time thinking about this sonnet. The process of writing it was fluid and fast.

Rhyme appears in several forms. In addition to the Shakespearian sonnet rhyme scheme (ababcdcdefefgg) there is internal rhyme “turn … concern”, “flayed … slashed”, “out without”; alliteration “where … once”, “black … blazed”, “bright blazed”, “trust … turn”; and assonance “hardened tar”, “No words … comfort”, “flayed … eyes”, “hidden built-in”. The combined effect of this congruousness is a melodic aural tone. (I specify ‘aural’ to distinguish the sound of the poem from its narrative tone.)

I thought I was deep hurt because you’d gone
Left a black hole where once bright blazed a star;
An aching vacuum where your light had shone
Cold as deep space and dark as hardened tar.
But as time stretched I realised my pain
Was amplified because you’d left no note
No words to comfort, 	justify, explain
The sting that flayed my eyes and slashed my throat.
How could you leave without the slightest sign
You’d set out without ever coming back?
Did you breed trust to turn concern malign
Or wall construct with hidden built-in crack?
	The wound of your departure’s never healed;
	My heart, from that cruel shock, has been annealed.


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