Love Letters 3: Beacon

Having avoided hyperbole in last week’s sonnet, I’ve rediscovered my affection for this linguistic technique. This change reminds me how my mood affects my writing; one day I might like a form of expression, another day I might detest it. It’s a poet’s prerogative!

This Love Letter is dedicated to someone I admire; someone who projects positivity. And what better metaphor for a projector of brightness than a lighthouse? And, when choosing a lighthouse, what reason could there be for choosing one other than the greatest ever known? The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandra or just Pharos (the island on which it was built).

I love you like moth mariners who see
The Pharos’ beacon proud above dark swells
That, as they flutter near, lights up with glee
Brows scarred by biting squalls and lashing hells.
Like the lighthouse your flames will long outlast
The dreamers who laid your foundation stones
For though your blaze burns bold and fierce and fast
Your stoker spirit grafts and never moans.
You are an ardent wonder to behold:
Great as Colossus, curious as the Sphynx,
A soul more precious than a fleece of gold
Who like Athena makes and wars and thinks.
	Those who doubt this sonnet’s sincerity
	Have never known such love. And don’t know me.


  1. Incredibly powerful write, amazing voice to accompany, looking forward to seeing more from you delightfully heartwarming to the core

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