Forms of Love 12: Blood Bonds

Storge. Familial love. The first sonnet of this collection was dedicated to one expression of this form of love: patriotism. This week’s is dedicated to the essence of all patriotism: family love. The strongest bond of all.

It can be hard to maintain familial love. Partners aside, we don’t choose our family members. This sonnet reflects that reality by presenting both sides of the story. Some appreciate these “vital” connections; some feel the need to free themselves of genetic “manacles”.

Blood Bonds
The bonds of blood for some are vital veins
That join disjointed forms through thick and thin;
When birth’s cord’s cut they’re the twine that remains
Connecting new born hope to loving kin.
For some, the bonds of blood are manacles
Nailed to the wall of a dank dungeon cell
Each link an iron-rich round corpuscle
That ties them to their bleak ancestral hell.
Blood can be buried but can’t be denied,
It forms the mould in which our lives are cast.
Blood is a knot that cannot be untied
Nor cut. It stays fast as Time marches past.    
	If your bloody connections threaten pain
	Could they somehow be fixed to work again?	

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