Ages & Sins 13: Anger

In making the case for anger, I needed to understand how it benefits us. Chatting to my wife, she suggested anger protects us from forces that conspire to undermine us. I agree. I get angry when things threaten the essence of my being: challenges that begin to overwhelm me, hurdles I can’t leap, people who compel me to sacrifice qualities I’m proud of. Things I love about myself and the world around me.

Anger, therefore, is love’s defender.

Is anger ostracised? Why should we not
Sup from the ’cano cup when pressure mounts?
Thrash in the thermal pool when it is hot?
With feet unto our fire, settle accounts?
Without red rage no dictators would fall
Or evil occupiers be repulsed
Or unjust laws be toppled with the wall
That warders watched bricked up as they convulsed.
Those that exploit us want anger suppressed:
It is the force that cracks the tyrant’s yoke
It’s the substance that swells the honest chest
The blade that cuts the bonds that would us choke.
	Our anger is the shield that lets us love –
	The eagle that drives falcons from the dove.

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