Ages & Sins 12: Gluttony

Gluttony. Excessive eating and drinking. This fifth sonnet of my seven deadly sins collection, marks 5/7 of the way through my project to write a sonnet every week for a year.

This sonnet is a celebration of gluttony. I have used synaesthesia (the rhetorical technique of describing one sense in terms of another) to construct a celebration of consumption. 

This jovial cross-sensory allusion is enhanced by puns: “Trumpet mushrooms”, “rich … cream horn; “lemon[-]cello”, “champagne flutes”. Many of my sonnets to date have been somewhat earnest; it was fun to be lighthearted for a change.

The capping couplet uses the playful sound of a “swanee whistle” (a noise sometimes used to lampoon obesity) to euphemistically dismiss criticisms of a contented glutton.

I eat a symphony of sour and sweet:
Discordant snacks – musicians tuning up,
Conductor’s baton sets my heart’s quick beat,
My stomach mumbles as the room fills up.
The drawl of violins – apéritif
The zingling bell tree is a piquant soup
Trumpet mushrooms herald carpaccio beef
And snare drum scallops send me cock-a-hoop.
The strings combined – gravy by angels kissed
Next rasping rich bass tones of the cream horn
Cleansed by the limoncello soloist
Then cheerful champagne flutes prattling till morn.
	I savour every note, both sharp and flat;
	Give not a swanee whistle that I’m fat.

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