Love Letters 14: Caged

This final ‘love letter’ fuses the power of love with the power of religion: Christian and Ancient Greek. It alludes to the work of the master of sonnets (William Shakespeare): “mortal coil”, “milk of human kindness”. More significantly, it compares the experience of being “caged” to that of being in love. Overall, the poem functions… Continue reading Love Letters 14: Caged

Love Letters 13: Sore Thumb

Similes are great, but this sonnet is all metaphors. Ten of them. The addressee is continually transformed into loud and “garish” things, some objects, some people. They “stand out”, sometimes as an inappropriately dressed guest, sometimes as a ‘Sore Thumb’. Saying the addressee is ‘like’ other things or acts ‘as’ them is inadequate. This person… Continue reading Love Letters 13: Sore Thumb