Love Letters 12: Me not You

Writing is an indulgent pastime: I spend precious time sculpting my thoughts, unashamedly share them with others, then hope for approval. Because I write to express personal truths, my writing isn’t always easy to read. So, thank you to those who support me. This sonnet is both self-indulgent and self-critical: it looks back at a… Continue reading Love Letters 12: Me not You

Love Letters 11: My Butterfly

This sonnet is packed with rhetorical questions and juxtapositions; these techniques are the perfect tools for sharing the conflict and confusion of the narrative.  Each line in the first quatrain contains a juxtaposed pair: “bonds … chains”, “break … escape”, “loss … gains”, “vellum … crepe”. However, on close inspection, there is also ambiguity. Although… Continue reading Love Letters 11: My Butterfly

Love Letters 10: Burnt

This sonnet is written to an “Old friend” who “chose a [different] path” to the speaker. Each quatrain is sculpted around a different metaphor: the first is a damaged heart developing a crusty “shell”; the second a turncoat switching loyalty; the third two journeys heading in different directions. All three quatrains accusatory – with the… Continue reading Love Letters 10: Burnt