Love Letters 9: Our Chance

There’s a structure within the structure of this sonnet. The quatrains are all self-contained: the first two lines of each establishes a premise, then is separated from the remaining two lines with a semicolon; the third line begins with ‘So’ followed by a verb to respond to that premise; and each quatrain is closed with… Continue reading Love Letters 9: Our Chance

Love Letters 8: Misaligned

In this sonnet I have used caesura to represent the “misaligned” nature of myself and the addressee. Caesura is a pause or break in a line of poetry. The word comes from the from past participle stem of the Latin ‘caedere’ – ‘to cut’. ‘Misaligned’ is an extended metaphor of two bridges being built across an “estuary”.… Continue reading Love Letters 8: Misaligned

Love Letters 7: Stubborn Beast

The Shakespearian sonnet provides substantial structure: 14 lines comprised of three quatrains with a capping couplet, iambic pentameter, adabcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme, capping couplet regularly offering a riposte or summation that invites the reader to find a deeper meaning. This sonnet has an even tighter structure; the first two lines of each quatrain present an animal… Continue reading Love Letters 7: Stubborn Beast