Love Letters 6: Moving Monument

This Love Letter is an extended metaphor: it credits the addressee with having built the narrator into a giant statue, then helped them come to life. A Titan. The first quatrain describes the “mound” and “foundations” on which a statue is to be built. The second quatrain details the process of creating a statue capable… Continue reading Love Letters 6: Moving Monument

Love Letters 5: Disappearance

Like all activities in life, some sonnets are hard graft, some flow. Those two experiences are related. Sometimes early graft provides later ease; sometimes early ease engenders later graft. I spent a long time thinking about this sonnet. The process of writing it was fluid and fast. Rhyme appears in several forms. In addition to… Continue reading Love Letters 5: Disappearance

Love Letters 4: Justice

An adage from my advertising days was, if you want people to catch one ball… throw them one ball. Throw them ten and they’ll catch the wrong one. Or none. This axiom is as important in creative writing. A poem with several points is a roll of barbed wire; a poem with one point is… Continue reading Love Letters 4: Justice

Love Letters 3: Beacon

Having avoided hyperbole in last week’s sonnet, I’ve rediscovered my affection for this linguistic technique. This change reminds me how my mood affects my writing; one day I might like a form of expression, another day I might detest it. It’s a poet’s prerogative! This Love Letter is dedicated to someone I admire; someone who… Continue reading Love Letters 3: Beacon

Love Letters 2: Alchemist

I’ll keep this short because I’m on holiday with family; this collection is proving the hardest to write. I thought practising writing sonnets would have made the process easier. But it’s not the process that’s hard with my Love Letters collection, it’s the sentiment. Each sonnet in this collection is a letter to someone I… Continue reading Love Letters 2: Alchemist