Love Letters 1: We River

This is the first of my fourth and final series of fourteen sonnets: love letters. Each of these sonnets is a letter to someone, or something, I love, or have loved. Deeply. I will not reveal who, or what, each letter is dedicated to. ‘We River’ is an extended metaphor. It begins with theft from… Continue reading Love Letters 1: We River

Ages & Sins 14: Sloth

In my final ‘seven deadly sins’ sonnet (also the final sonnet in my ‘Ages & Sins’ collection), I make the case for sloth. As with all my musings in this miniseries, I take the position that a so-called sin is love for something that others deem unacceptable. And who would determine sloth a sin? The… Continue reading Ages & Sins 14: Sloth

Ages & Sins 13: Anger

In making the case for anger, I needed to understand how it benefits us. Chatting to my wife, she suggested anger protects us from forces that conspire to undermine us. I agree. I get angry when things threaten the essence of my being: challenges that begin to overwhelm me, hurdles I can’t leap, people who… Continue reading Ages & Sins 13: Anger

Ages & Sins 12: Gluttony

Gluttony. Excessive eating and drinking. This fifth sonnet of my seven deadly sins collection, marks 5/7 of the way through my project to write a sonnet every week for a year. This sonnet is a celebration of gluttony. I have used synaesthesia (the rhetorical technique of describing one sense in terms of another) to construct a celebration… Continue reading Ages & Sins 12: Gluttony