Ages & Sins 11: Envy

Exploring love through the lens of the seven deadly sins has compelled me to justify them. Each sin is, after all, overwhelming love for something. The sins are meant to be avoided because they are manifestations of people loving things more than they love god. I’m happy to argue for them; I actively promote loving… Continue reading Ages & Sins 11: Envy

Ages & Sins 10: Lust

Pure lust, like pure alcohol, is dangerous. But alcohol-free gin is just flavoured water… selling for £30 a bottle! If I want invigorating water, I’ll stick my face in a cascading mountain stream. Is lust an acceptable aspect of love? Each quatrain of this sonnet explores a different side of the argument: lustless love is… Continue reading Ages & Sins 10: Lust

Ages & Sins 9: Greed

This is the first Love’s Sonnet sonnet to have contemporary (ish) quotes: “Greed is good” and “Loadsa money”. Both lines were intended to criticise the greed culture of the 1980s: both ended up being the celebrated catchphrases of those they intended to lambast. The problem with trying to impose a moral perspective, is that those… Continue reading Ages & Sins 9: Greed

Ages & Sins 8: Pride

Onto the second half of my ‘Ages and Sins’ collection… the seven deadly sins. According to my research, there is a generally accepted order: pride (or vainglory), greed, or covetousness, lust, envy, gluttony (which also includes drunkenness), wrath or anger, and sloth. So I’ll write a love-related sonnet in response to each, in that order.… Continue reading Ages & Sins 8: Pride